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Are you experiencing the fulfillment, excitement, and joy you really want out of your life?

Is Mastering your inner mind a meaningful priority for you?

If you have no responsibilities or didn't need money, what would you accomplish?

How to Discover your Life Purpose - Ancient Spiritual Training

Helping You Discover Your True Self for Over 25 Years

The Sanctum of Horus is a spiritual training whose purpose is to help you live each day according to your true divine nature… providing you tools to overcome the resistant patterns of your subconscious mind...
This "TRAINING" is a system that has been handed down from Egypt for thousands of years!
Flower of Life - Spiritual Mentoring in LA Mesa, CA

The Sanctum of Horus offers a Path to Full Consciousness. Find Your Inner Truth.

Here you can develop deep inner peace, unflappable calm and a place of retreat in the face of modern day demands.

Here you can uncover your heart's desires and work with the Universe to support your growth and wealth.

Here you can discover unparalleled self-knowledge, integration and enlightenment.
Are YOU ready to have the Empowered Freedom and Wealth you Desire?
Early morning shower of light - Spiritual Mentoring in LA Mesa, CA
Happy couple on the beach - Spiritual Help in LA Mesa, CA
Young plant - Full Consciousness in LA Mesa, CA
Top Photo Group - Spiritual Mentoring in LA Mesa, CA
Spiritual Mentor - Spiritual Mentoring in LA Mesa, CA
Evolve from Darkness into Light...
From Knowledge into Understanding... from Understanding into Wisdom Found...
Which is the Consciousness of the Universal Mind.
Initiate into the Greater Mysteries and Learn the Ancient Art of the Science of the Soul.